The terrazzo revival – modern concrete design by dade

Well known from palaces (Palazzi) in Italy, terrazzo is becoming more and more trending in modern buildings. Dade is producing true Terrazzo pieces with SWISS made quality: Visit dade

Especially for flooring the material is very trending these days. The materials used are no different then a few hundred years ago: marble, granite, chalk and gravel.


Careum_dade-design-Detail2 Careum_dade-design-Detail5


The Terrazzo surfaces are extremely solid. The surface is sanded in 5-6 sequences.

For this Project at the University of Zurich in Switzerland dade did produce vanities for the whole building with our dade ROC concrete. The same stones has been used then for the flooring in order to achieve a consistent material concept. (Architects Bhend & Klammer).

The modern design of the vanity with the trending slice, incl. maintenance loopholes has been designed by dade.

We are looking Forward receiving your design request.


Careum Waschbecken Terrazzo